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(Grow Pounds Of Mushrooms)

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Grow pounds of mushrooms conveniently with simple and automated magic mushroom kits

Grow mushrooms at your home with our Magic Mushroom Kit that allows you to grow shrooms in the most convenient and awesome way. With our kits, you need no spores, no inoculation, no chance of contamination or failure. We let you have the desired outcome with our mentioned-below types of kits that are complete, instructional and ready-to-grow. We deliver you everything except water and a cool and dry place.


All mushroom kits we sell and supply are 100% reliable, tested, easy to use and affordable. Moreover, we offer 2 year warrantee, 50% off on retail selling and the fastest 7 days UPS shipping. All of our kits comprise of:


  • -Magic mushroom spawns,
  • -Growing medium
  • -Cylindrical transparent plastic mold.


With easy picture grow guide and shroom cultivation tips from our experts, you can simply grow a variety of mushrooms in the least amount of time.


Whether you are looking for the best magic mushrooms kit, grow mushroom kit, mushroom kits, or mushroom grow kit, your search for the best comes to an end as we give you a wide range of kits that suit your exact needs. Just contact us and we will let you know how simple is it to grow mushrooms without facing any sort of hurdle. So, what are you waiting for? Use our kits and grow your own mushrooms.


Have a good grow!


The Cali Grow Kits Team.